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PUMA Gloaming

Who says street style can't be feminine?

How often did you feel like you had to find a compromise between femininity and sporty style? A lot, right? Let’s face it, when you love being feminine, it is hard to find trendy and comfortable items to enjoy yourself while being active.

This summer, PUMA launched the Gloaming collection. Inspired by the ever-changing colors of summer sunsets, the new PUMA Gloaming collection is about making you feel pretty and fresh while having a dynamic lifestyle. With that flattering silhouette, the comfortable cotton feeling, and the dreamy gradient of colors from the summer sky, you will be ready to move.

The apparel is incredibly feminine and made with cotton from Better Cotton Initiative. Sport staples like bra tops and biker shorts are paired with fashion-forward platform sneakers.

Speaking of sneakers, there are three models in this collection. 

First, the Wild Rider model. With fresh layers of material and a raw, edgy look, the design is inspired by the movement and motion of city life – always going forward, further, faster, and beyond.

This model is available in two different colorways, and one of them is a Foot Locker Exclusive item. Check it out!

And you know what? The hype girls, street enthusiasts, and trend mavens Mayze model is also a Foot Locker Exclusive. This stand-out silhouette takes design inspiration straight from the streets, with a stacked sole and contrasting rubber tooling for an edgy, layered look.

Our stripers Nereia from Spain and Silvia from Italy, are both very excited about this new collection.

Nereia explains that she loves the mix of various pastel colors. “This is a strong trend for 2021. This collection has both sportswear and streetwear vibe, making them super versatile and easy to mix and match”, she says.

Silvia shares how much she loves the high and comfortable soles of the shoes. “The Wild Rider is a little bit more Sportif than the Mayze, so I would wear the Wild Rider with cropped pants or shorts and the Mayze with a skirt,” she explains.