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Pitch for Foot Locker


Running a business can seem scary, especially for young entrepreneurs. But if all business owners could agree on one thing, it would be that the results are utterly worth all risks. Does it also sound exciting to you? Waking up every morning to do something you love while being your own boss? Then keep on reading. 

On Instagram, we launched #PitchForFootLocker, a competition for young entrepreneurs. And the judge in this competition was Harvey, the talented founder of Crep Candle. This is a brand specializing in the production of bespoke sneaker-shaped candles. They craft popular shoe silhouettes as vegan and bio friendly collectible candles. To make it even more enjoyable, the candles are scented with a variety of aromatic fragrances.

Full of creativity and ambition, Harvey used Google to learn how to make candles and become his own boss. Harvey thinks that his generation doesn’t like being told what to do. Thanks to the internet, all the information you need is literally at the end of your fingertips. 

As a young business owner himself, Harvey helped us give other young entrepreneurs the support of experts from Foot Locker. Indeed, the prizes for #PitchForFootLocker winner are mentorship sessions, a business grant, and brand exposure. And the winners were... Untitled Yet Studio, a group of creative artists crafting unique rugs inspired by pop-culture designs. 

From their perspective, the internet and social media are powerful tools for any business owner today. Thanks to these tools, you can have direct conversations with your consumers, allowing you to be instantly aware of what you're doing well or not and, thus, become efficiently reactive. They also believe that the internet is empowering consumers and making them more selective about their purchases. Untitled Yet Studio are hoping for this new era to push companies to choose quality over quantity. 

In our conversation with Crep Candle about their favorite independent streetwear labels, they mentioned Unknown London, Represent from Bolton, and Corteiz. They love the fact that these new brands are building real connections with their audience and designing clothes based on their preferences. As for Untitled Yet Studio, they admire the work of Studio Hagel, an independent footwear designer who creates new items with recycled materials. They also mentioned the connection with the public and how important it is to truly understand their needs. 

Check out @crepcandle and, and find out more about other competitions at @footlockereu.