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For a safe shopping experience, we are offering a new service called Call and Collect. All you need to do is pick a product online that stands out, call one our participating stores to see if it’s in stock, then reserve a date within two days to go pick them up! Check out the opening hours for each store below.

If the store you called doesn’t have the product you want, no worries – just stay on the line and we’ll do our best to find another participating store that does.

Not sure which product you want? Give us a call we’re happy to give you advice!

Call and Collect
Due to the COVID guidelines, and for your safety, it is not allowed to enter the store, so we’ll have a station set up outside where you can pick up your order! You can choose to pay with either cash or credit card. Once your payment is complete, we’ll hand you your order.
This service is for pickup’s only. Unfortunately this means that you won’t be able to try on the products in store

If you’d like to return or exchange your purchase, you’ll be able to do so by following the steps here, or go to one of our stores once they reopen. Our return policy has also been extended to 60 days, so you can enjoy shopping while in lockdown!

Check out the participating stores

Foot Locker Palladium
Namesti Republiky 1
110 00 Praha 1
+420 222 318 401

Foot Locker PRAGUE
Nám. Republiky 1 
 +420 222318401
10:00 - 18:00